This web site is dedicated to Bill Austin who designed and maintained my first website. He gave me invaluable guidance and help. It is also dedicated to my cousin Jane Austin and my sisters Sally and Ann who have through their actions and words given me encouragement and helped me to believe in the value of Oceanside Gallery.

Featured Artist - Alan Brown

Alan Brown - Featured Artist

Alan Brown's summer paintings done especially for Oceanside Gallery are on exhibit now. These playfully steamy paintings have a bold palette and complement his paintings of swimmers and textile based themes. He confidently juxtopositions flat areas of color with simplified modeling of the figures. These paintings, a delightful success, are a must see!

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A jewel box of a gallery, Oceanside Gallery exhibits an eclectic mix of paintings, decorative pottery, art glass and limited editions. We are proud to represent work by globally, regionally known and emerging artists.

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