Don Hatfield

Don Hatfield is one of the most innovative impressionists of our time. His style of painting softly blends realism with the gentle touch of classic impressionism. Don strives to create paintings that bond themselves to the viewer. In the vein of romantic impressionism, he shows the viewer that beauty can arise from one stirring moment: a family reunion, a young boy searching for shells on the beach or the warmth of the sun touching a mother and her child.

Don's paintings carry light and form to a new and extremely personal degree. Hatfield says he is preoccupied with the effect of light on form. The beach, with all the purity of its light on sand, water and figures is a frequent setting for his stories; and his paintings are stories.

"On the beach," Hatfield says, "the viewer is given enough space to have his own reaction." Don's work is traditional in both concept and technique, portraying strong, quiet emotions through subtle, rich textures and warm inviting hues.

This unique impressionistic style has brought him great acclaim in the art world, as well as a solid artistic identity of his own. Don's paintings hang in many important private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Oceanside Gallery is pleased to offer serigraphs by Don Hatfield. Published by Colville Publishing, all serigraphs are 100% color separated by hand under supervision of the artist.